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Puppy/Small Dog  Boots

Puppy/Small Dog Boots

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Please allow 16-26 days from shipment for delivery.


For puppies/small dogs

Rubber soles, waterproof, solid, flexible and skidproof.
Mesh cloth is breathable and comfortable.
Wash: Hand washed and can be dried naturally in the air.
Storage: Keep in a dry, independent and relatively cool place.

Please note that, although the sole is waterproof, can not be used in deep water or sand, as water or fine sand may permeate through sewing needle holes.

Colour: blue, red, pink
Material: PVC rubber sole+ Mesh cloth

Please measure your pet's paw size prior to ordering. There are no refunds/exchanges for wrong size order

Size                    1                  2               3             4                5

Length-Outer   4.6cm       5.5cm      6cm     6.5 cm      7.4cm

Width-Outer     3.6cm       3.9cm      4.3cm   4.8cm      5.7cm