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Anti Anxiety Thunder Shirt

Anti Anxiety Thunder Shirt

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1.Eliminate anxiety and fear coat - effectively comfort your pet's mood when they feel scared or anxious,like swaddling a baby,adopts gentle pressure to keep them clam.

2.Easy to put on and take off,adjust soft pressure

3.Soft and comfortable materials,breathable and lightweight,efficient to make them feel safe.

4.To help with thunder noise,fireworks,veterinarian check,car carriage,unknown barking etc.

5.Reflective strip on the back,great for night. 

Please allow 16-26 days from shipment for delivery



Material: Fabric,Polyester

Colour: Light Grey,Dark Grey

Please measure your dog prior to ordering. Buyers are responsible for shipping charges for exchanges for wrong size order.

Size: XS,S,M,L,XL

To Size, Measure: BACK Length +  NECK Circumference+ CHEST Circumference

XS   BACK =23cm(9.05in) NECK= 26cm-36cm(10.23in-14.17in) CHEST=41cm-48cm(16.14in-18.89in)

S   BACK = 30cm(11.81in) NECK =32cm-39cm(12.59in-15.35in) CHEST =48cm-58cm(18.89in-22.83in)

M   BACK =34cm(13.38in) NECK=46cm-53cm(18.11in-20.86in) CHEST=58cm-68cm(22.83in-26.77in)

L   BACK=36cm(14.17in) NECK=59cm-66cm(23.22in-25.98in) CHEST=68cm-78cm(26.77in-30.7in)

XL   BACK=44cm(17.32in) NECK=66cm-79cm(25.98in-31.1in) CHEST=76cm-93cm(29.92in-36.61in)