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"We trust LTDO with our much loved little guy Winston. Will and his team have been amazing ! They are so helpful and kind and make every interaction easy and fast! Thank you so much LTDO" – Shelby C.

"LTDO is full service. As I was putting my boots on to take my lab out for a walk on Thursday morning, my back went out. I was immobile. Luckily my phone was by my side. My husband was at work, and I couldn't get a hold of anyone. I called LTDO to see if someone could come by ASAP to take out my girl. Joan showed up within 15 minutes, and not only let the dog out, but she found me some back medication, brought me some water, and delivered my computer to me!!! That's what I call service. Thanks so much for your help Joan!" – Lynn Wylde

"LTDO and their team are great. Their online booking system and last minute booking options make their services very convenient for me when I am busy and need a last minute walk for Sadie. Sadie loves when Joan or Lisa come to pick her up and I love the photos they send me of tuckered out Sadie on her way home." – Harmonie E.

"Just had LTDO here for our in home Meet & Greet and I am VERY impressed. This company is organized, efficient and extremely trustworthy. LTDO takes their job of looking after dogs whether walking, bathroom breaks or in home vacations for dogs very seriously and it shows. I will be using them when I am away and I'm very excited to have them let our dog out. They work with a master dog trainer and are insured and bonded. VERY impressive - well done LTDO!"
– Sydney K.

"We have been using Let the Dog Out for the last 5 months and are very happy with the service. They are reliable, flexible and most importantly, they are great with our dogs. Our neighbours have even commented to us on how engaged the staff are while walking our dogs.

We have one dog that has aggressive tendencies and can be a handful so I am very leery of entrusting him to others but after a few months with Will, Jordan and Joan, I am confident that they can handle him safely. It's so nice to get the update emails every day so you never have to question whether or not they have been by. They always include a photo so you get some mid-day cuteness in your inbox. They are also very responsive when it comes to communication which is so nice. I would highly recommend this service to anyone." – Tammy R.

Meet Duncan

As it turns out, I can't go 8 hours without going the bathroom. I decided my dog shouldn't have to either. LTDO makes is simple. I can take care of my dog when I'm available, and use LTDO when I'm not. That's what I like about it. It's convenient! – Dan


Meet Winnie

I spend a lot of weekends away from home and can't always bring Winnie. LTDO is perfect for us. She gets everything she needs and is safe and comfortable at home. I love how LTDO sends updates every visit, so I know my house is safe too. – Andy


Meet Guinness

I couldn't imagine living in a home without a dog, but it is tough to find the time. With LTDO, we can work long hours, spend evenings out, and even take weekends away. We always know that our puppy and home are safe. – Michelle & Andrew


Meet Knox

We use LTDO during the day when we are at work. Some days it is impossible to get home at lunch to let Knox out. LTDO makes it worry free. I can have a good day when I know my dog is having a good day. – Sarah & Mark 


Meet Thor

Thor needs to a lot of exercise. So I use LTDO when I have evening or weekend plans. It's nice to know he gets outside to go the bathroom and I don't have to worry about when I have to be home. – Whitney


Meet Rufus

Thanks to LTDO, I never have to come home to an “accident” again! – Helen