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Meet Our Team

All Let The Dog Out staff servicing clients are: Criminal Background Checked, Insured and Bonded, Experienced With Dogs, Thoroughly Interviewed, and Professionally Trained

For the safety and well being of your dog, the LTDO team is trained by Shute Balanced Dog Training.


Jordan was born and raised just outside Guelph in Puslinch Township. Growing up, his family always had at least one dog, but more than often two. He graduated from York University with a BA in Geography, and followed that with field work in the environmental consulting world, before stepping away from that to become co-owner of LTDO. Jordan has gained experience in dog care, dog sitting for multiple friends over the last 10 years, and has experience with dogs of all shapes and sizes. Jordan’s favourite part of working with LTDO is getting too see how excited the dogs are every day when he arrives to give them their walk or break.


Growing up in the country, Joan has always had big dogs in her family, but she is now the proud mom of a 40 pound Basset Hound/Shar-Pei cross named Molly. After a career in the finance world, Joan has join LTDO to begin a new and more relaxing lifestyle. With a love for all animals and a true passion for dogs, Joan is a big part of the LTDO team.

“A dog is going to spend half it's life home alone. Truly being a good dog owner doesn't stop when you leave the house. This is your opportunity to give your dog a better life.”


Born and raised in Guelph Ontario, Will has walked away from the sporting industry to focus on the well-being of animals. With his dog Mo as his guiding influence, Will's goal is to make owning a dog more convenient, and being a dog more enjoyable!

“ The standard that dog owners are held to is improving. It is no longer considered acceptable to leave your dog home alone all day with no bathroom break. I want to provide dog owners with a convenient and affordable solution.”


Say hello to Charly. A University of Guelph student that this fall will begin her first year of Guelph's Veterinarian program. With a passion for all animals, when she is not hitting the books, she enjoys spending time walking dogs for LTDO. Charly also plays lacrosse for the University of Guelph so look out...this girl is tougher than she looks!


Margaret is a recent retiree from the communications world who has always loved dogs. Growing up in the Ottawa Valley she always had a family dog and then she continued the tradition while raising her own family in Guelph. Although currently dog-less, she enjoys the company of dogs and is excited to be part of the LTDO team.


Meet Amy, LTDO's marketing expert. Amy graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor's degree in marketing. Energetic and always smiling, Amy has a true passion for all animals. Amy likes to spend her spare time hiking with her dog Mo, relaxing with her cat Nugget, and playing beautiful music on her piano. You can hear Amy sing right here in Guelph at Cafe Insomnia.

“Dogs have become such a huge part of our society because it feels good to care for something that needs cared for. I get to feel good all day.” 


Brittany is a Masters student at the University of Guelph who has always owned and cared for animals. Brittany currently walks rescue dogs for an animal sanctuary and helps with training and rehabilitation. Brittany owns a boxer named Tyson and is very excited to meet your dog!


Carly works part-time with LTDO. She is a proud mother of three boys and she also has a Black Lab named Bud, and a rescue dog named Duke. Taking care of all 5 of them makes for a busy life. Carly enjoys meeting new clients and making new dog friends.

“It is just about being happy everyday. Dogs that get outside are happier and healthier than dogs that 'hold it' everyday. It's that simple to me.”


Introducing Jaden! Born and raised here in Guelph, Jaden is the designated dog sitter among family and friends. Although she does not have a dog of her own at the moment, she is looking to adopt in the near future. In the meantime, she is happy to hang out with your dog. Jaden is a real estate agent here and Guelph and enjoys working part time with LTDO. She loves walking into a home and being greeted by a smiling face and wagging tail. If you are in the mark for a new home, Jaden is your Realtor!


This is JJ! JJ has made Guelph her home for over 20 years. She is a mother of three and a competitive Capella singer. With lots of dog walking experience, LTDO is trilled to have JJ on board ! Animals have always been a HUGE part of JJ's life. Dogs, cats, horses, a donkey and a roster are just some of the animals JJ has taken care of. Welcome to the team JJ!


Hello Danielle! A local Guelphite, Danielle's past experiences scream DOG LOVER! Growing up at her fathers vet clinic, Danielle learned the important qualities needed to care all dogs. She comes to LTDO leaving her position at a pet food/ nutrition company. Danielle is excited to take on a more hands on role with LTDO. When Danielle is not walking her black lab Bomber, she looks forward to walking and spending time with your dogs!

Katherine (Kiki)

Having grown up on a dairy farm, Kiki has always loved animals and being outside. She has a Goldendoodle named Leiah and a Golden Retriever named Buddha, who she recently adopted. She has lived in Guelph for 13 years and also works part time as a personal trainer and nutritionist. She loves any reason to be active and outside and always loves meeting new dogs.


Say hello to Becky! Great Danes! And a bunch of them. This proud mom of 3 kids is also a proud mom of two Great Danes Sadie and Phoenix. Lucky for us, Becky loves dog of all sizes! When you see Becky out walking, make sure to wave and say hello!




Currently an undergraduate student at the University of Guelph, Maddie loves all animals. Growing up, Maddie’s family used to breed dogs and more recently, they have been training service dogs for the past couple of years. Maddie's favourite pastimes include anything outdoors such as playing soccer, hiking, or walking dogs!