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About Let The Dog Out

Let The Dog Out, or LTDO is a dog care business focused on making it more convenient for a dog owner, and healthy and happier for dogs.

LTDO lets your dog out! A healthy happy dog is a dog that gets outside to go to the bathroom. Exercises, and stays in a comfortable environment. LTDO walks dogs, offers vacation packages so your dog never needs to leave the comfort of its home, and provides much needed bathroom breaks so that your dog isn't forced to “hold it” until you get home each day.

Whenever you are out! Whenever taking care of your dog is inconvenient. We all live busy lives. Long days at work, evenings out, days away and weekends out of town are all great reasons to rely on LTDO. Don't miss an event or end an evening early just because your dog needs outside. LTDO can do that for you. Quick and easy, all online. LTDO is a click away from making dog ownership awesome!

Because you are an awesome dog owner! A healthy dog is a happy dog! Your dog needs exercise and sometimes you don't have the time. Obesity is the number one factor to your dog's life expectancy and a dog not going to the bathroom when it needs to can lead to bladder failures and other health concerns as serious as cancers. Plus, it's just cruel to ask your dog to wait!

We are open 7 days a week, 8:30am to 7:30pm.

Easy! Simply book your Meet & Greet on our website. You will create an account through the check out process, and when approved, you will be able to Book A Service. More detailed information can be found on our How It Works page.


An insured, bonded, and thoroughly interviewed LTDO team member with a clean criminal background check. You know exactly who and when any LTDO team member is visiting your home. They will update you by email and/or text message at the start and end of each visit.

No problem. LTDO provides discounts for all homes with more than one dog. In fact, when booking dog bathroom breaks, there is no extra charge for a second dog.

LTDO will help you build a detailed profile during a Meet & Greet. All details will be noted and only LTDO staff that is comfortable handling your dog will be assigned to you.

No! LTDO currently offers leash walks only. Only dogs that share a profile together can walk together. For safety and insurance reasons, dogs will only be let off leash when in the safety of their own fenced yard.

Bathroom Breaks are $11.99. We guarantee all bathroom breaks booked greater than 24 hours in advance. LTDO offers 30-minute dog walks from $17.99 and 60-minute walks from $25.99. We offer bulk packages at up to a 15% discount. We will work with you to create a custom package if you're away for a weekend or extended period. Our most popular Custom package is $49.99.

Often our customers are not home – you are not alone. If you do not have a keypad, or other form of keyless entry, we provide a 4-digit lock box. Unfortunately, we do not hold on to keys. Only the LTDO team members that are servicing your dog will have access to the code. All security and home details will be noted on your secure profile, making the process simple and safe.

LTDO doesn't have a native app, but the system can function similarly by using it as a Home Screen App. The directions for iOS and Android are as follows:

iOS - iPhone/iPad

  • Open up Safari on your iOS device
  • If you have already registered, navigate to our Log In page
  • Tap the Share button on the menu bar. It’s a box with an arrow sticking out of it
  • Tap on Add to Home Screen
  • On the next page you’ll give the shortcut a name and confirm the web address
  • After that, tap on Add in the upper-right corner to add the shortcut to your home screen
  • Run LTDO from the Home Screen


  • Open your web browser on your Android device
  • If you have already registered, navigate to our Log In page
  • Tap the menu button and then tap Add to Homescreen. If that isn't an option first add the page to your bookmarks, then open you bookmarks using the menu button, then tap and hold on the bookmark until you see an action menu and select Add to Homescreen.
  • Run LTDO from the Homescreen