LTDO is temporarily closed due to COVID-19.

Doggy Gift Bags

We are happy to announce that LTDO have partnered up with Ren's Pet Depot.  They have been very gracious by supplying LTDO with several treats Doggy Gift Bags filled with a ton of treats and toys to spoil your dog.  The Doggy Gift Bags bag consists of toys courtesy of Patchwork Pet CollectionsKong Genius, Ren's Pet Depot, doggy bags and carrying case from Earth Rated, and treats from PureBites.

Doggy Gift Bags

Our customers have been amazing in spreading the word about LTDO so far! We have been growing quickly, but there are more dogs and owners in Guelph that we are looking to walk and help.

Want a Free Doggy Gift Bag?!?!  It's EASY!!

All you need to do is write us a review on Google, or Facebook. It's that easy! The next time we visit your home to let your dog out, we'll leave one of our fully stocked Doggy Gift Bags for you to come home to.