LTDO is temporarily closed due to COVID-19.

About Us

Owners Amy, Will, and Jordan.

Meet Mo! This guy has been my rent free roommate, best friend, and a huge part of my life for 9 years now. He is also a BIG fan of Let The Dog Out! In fact, he's the one that got us started. 

Life gets busy! Between long hours at work, evenings out, and weekends away, we were spending less time at home and it was becoming more difficult to care properly for Mo. With Mo spending too much time home alone, and us tired of asking friends and family to “swing by the house” to let Mo out, we needed a better solution.

We call it Let The Dog Out, or LTDO for short.

LTDO makes caring for your dog easy and convenient! We all chose to have dogs in our lives because it feels good to have a friend. Register online today to start providing your dog with a happier, healthier lifestyle!

LTDO has now launched in our home city of Guelph, Ontario!