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Silicone Dog Paw Washer with Grooming Brush

Silicone Dog Paw Washer with Grooming Brush

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Keep your dog's feet clean this winter. Great for removing salt, snow and dirt after a walk.

The inside bristles can be used as a gentle scrubbing brush. Just turn inside out.

Please allow 16-26 days from shipment for delivery.

How to use:

1. Add some water to pet foot cleaning washer cup(Or add a bit of gentle soap for deeper cleaning if needed). 
2. Guide your dog's paws into the soft gentle silicone bristles
3. Twist back and forth so that the silicone bristles can thoroughly clean the paw
4. Remove and discover a much cleaner paw, dab the paw dry with a towel
5. Discard water and rinse clean

Material: Soft Silicone
Dimension: 6.5*4.3*7inch