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Dog Cooling Mesh Vest

Dog Cooling Mesh Vest

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Cooling Dog Harness
Material:Mesh cloth + plain cotton + cold fabrics
Dog cooling vest will provide maximum cooling and comfort for your dogs.
The outer layer facilitates evaporation, absorbent middle layer holds water for evaporation and the soft inner layer transfers a cooling effect to the dog.
Our pet cooling jacket is made of superior PVA, which will offer your dog a cool and comfortable wearing experience. The Vest’s light-colour also reflects sunrays for additional heat relief.
Hook & Loop closure,easy on and off

The surface layer is a heat-proof double-colour net with good air permeability, which can reduce the heat from the outside world.
Paper cotton is filled in, and water is stored through the principle of evaporation and heat absorption to provide a constant source of a cooling feeling.
Close to the pet are the cool fabrics for heat resistance and cooling. Cool fabrics adjust the temperature by absorbing heat. Cool factors bring a cool comfort to pets. The fibres used are all safe and non-irritating fibres, which are lightweight, breathable and comfortable to wear compared with ordinary moisture-proof fabrics.

The back opens and the traction buckle can be directly buckled when wearing the chest and back jacket.


Please allow 15-30 days from shipment for delivery

How to Use:
1. Soak the cooling clothes with water
2. Wring until there is no dripping and then put it on the pet
3. After long-term moisture evaporation, water can be kept to maintain cooling effect

Please see images for measurements. Measure your pup prior to ordering as buyers are responsible for shipping charges for exchanges for wrong size ordering.