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Parks and Trails to Try in Guelph

Your dog is lucky to live in Guelph, and if you enjoy walking your dog and taking in some beautiful scenery at the same time, then you can consider yourself lucky too. Guelph is home to some beautiful parks and trails that are spread out all over town. As our city grows, Guelph has done an outstanding job in keeping, building and maintaining some great places to get some exercise with your dog.

Here are a handful of great parks and trails to check out in Guelph.

1) Eastview Community Park (“The Old Dump”) – Guelph has done an outstanding job of turning this old dump into a pollination park and sporting fields. Used mostly for football, soccer and Rugby, these fields are well taken care of. Speaking of well taken care of, the park is lined with a beautiful gravel path. This is great for walking your dog or taking a bike ride. If you have little ones at home, the path is great for strollers as well. This is “technically” and on leash location. You are going to see other dogs here but when comparing it to other popular trails in town, it is pretty low key... or maybe just undiscovered by most. You are also going to see some nature here. Deer, birds, turtles and butterflies are just a few to name. Cross over Eastview road and take these trails all the way to Grange park.

2) Exhibition Park – If you are from Guelph or have been in town long, you know all about Exhibition Park. I beautiful spot to watch a ball game! Home to the Guelph Royals and Guelph Gators baseball clubs. The park is also where you will find your local GC high school play football and rugby. If tennis is your game, the park has this for you too. Do you have kids? Great because exhibition park has both a playground and a splash pad to keep them entertained. As for your dog, this is the place to meet new friends! Any given evening you can find a number of dogs playing together off leash. This has become a bit of a social group for dog owners as well. We suggest you check it out!

3) Preservation Park & Trails – Take a walk through the forest and into the meadow. Good chance you see some deer here. You can walk these trails for hours. They seem endless. Our suggestion is that you check this trail out in the winter as the mosquito's and flies in the spring and summer months can be almost unbearable at times.

4) Hanlon Creek Park – This is where you go to meet new dog friends!The Hanlon Creek walk is an off leash location. During the early morning and evenings, the creek can be a busy spot for dog walkers. One nice thing about the Hanlon Creek, there is lots of parking!

5) Downtown Trail to Riverside Park – Guelph has recently spent some money here. Following the trail tracks from downtown, this paved trail will take you all the way to Riverside park. A busy spot for bikes, dog, and strollers, the paved path it maintained in the winter months. Just off the paved path and head down to the river. There are lots of side trails for this.

This is just a handful of the many many parks and trails you and your dog should explore. Remember taking your dog somewhere new can be rewarding for them. Here is a full list of Park and Trails in Guelph Ontario -

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